Book Review Still Alice

Still Alice by Lisa Genova
Simon and Schuster, 2009
The author is an academic psycholinquist whose grandmother had Alzheimer’s disease. The novel is used to portray the progressive stages of the illness as seen from the viewpoints of the individual, her close family, friends and the academic colleagues with whom she works.
Since at present there is no cure for this type of dementia and it is carried in a gene that can be passed on to subsequent generations, the story portrays an inevitability that is similar to the finality of life but one that occurs slowly over time.
As a person aged 75 noticing loss of short term memory, I found myself questioning my own situation. In this sense it is not a comfortable read but neither would be a novel about cancer. The novel is well constructed and illustrates clearly the circumstances of the condition. The numerous online reviews are worth reading.


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