I retired in 1996 from full-time teaching in economics and international affairs at Carleton University, Ottawa. I now do some research and writing from home as well as more general reading than I once did. My current interests are in issues related to the cultural industries, immigration, the history of the British Empire, and conditions likely to affect my grandcildren’s generation especially the impact of communications technology.

I was born in the UK, attended Winchester College followed by two years national service in the British Army, during which time I served in Germany, and in Kenya during the Mau Mau period. I migrated to Canada in 1955, attended UBC for a BA, Queen’s for an MA, taught economics at Carleton for two years, and returned to the UK to the London School of Economics where I received a PhD in Economics in 1966. I then taught economics at McMaster University (1966-70) and returned to Carleton University in Ottawa in 1970 until I retired in 1996. At Carleton, I was Director of the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, 1988-93.

I will post material on topics of current interest as well as on books that I have read. More of my waking hours will be spent playing golf in the summer, being educated by four grandchildren and keeping Gumbo company – sadly she died in May 2014 aged 17, and we now help to look after our daughter’s Border Collie, Oreo, born May 2014.


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  1. publishistory Says:

    Hey there, I hope you’re well. I run a history blog myself ( http://publishistory.wordpress.com/ ) , which contains a lot of posts about British Imperial history. I’d be so very grateful if someone of your experience and knowledge could give me their feedback. All the very best 🙂

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